• Bring your tables, chairs, props, etc. We do have a few tables, chairs and canopies for rent.
  • We will send out maps ahead of the show with your spaces. Some MIGHT be subject to last-minute changes due to family emergencies, cancellations, etc.
  • We will have spaces marked to the best of our ability. Please be mindful of your vendor neighbors' space as well.
  • We can not resolve what we do not know is a problem. Please come to us with issues.
  • For indoor shows - Canopies are allowed. Plan on floor protection for all items. ( felt squares, carpet scraps, rubber stoppers, etc.)
  • For outdoor shows -  plan to secure your canopy with NO stakes or penetration of the ground. Weights, sandbags, water jugs, or heavier crystal balls are acceptable.
  • There is also no marking of the grass, permanent or temporary.
  • Children of vendors are welcome, but please plan accordingly. We do not want any injuries from roughhousing or running.
  • Plan for snacks, food, etc. Only some venues have concessions. We will note which ones.
  • We try to attract food trucks, but as we all know, that is its own kind of world.
  • Plan for change for your customers. ( we personally get a bank of 1’s and 5’s) Most sales are with cards these days, so maybe check into Venmo, CashApp, etc if you do not have a card reader. Or make friends with a vendor with a card reader and agree on the card fees. ( yes, it costs money to accept cards. You can build that cost into your items, OR it can be an additional charge at purchase. It's up to you.)

Vendor Information

Form ST19-Seller Information